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Sam's Wildsnacks - A Special Story

When Tina Schorn approached Bartel Media with her vision of healthy dog snacks, we were immediately fascinated. Her idea of ​​offering natural, high-quality, and healthy snacks made in-house promised not only to enrich the market but also to enhance the well-being of dogs. Tina Schorn has made it her mission to personally refine the snacks in a careful and gentle process to ensure the quality and naturalness of the products.

The Vision of Tina Schorn

Tina Schorn, the driving force behind “Sams Wildsnacks,” approached us with a clear vision: to create high-quality, healthy snacks for dogs that are not only tasty but also beneficial for their health. Her passion for animal welfare and her commitment to naturalness and quality inspired us from the outset.

"Our role as a digital agency"

As a digital agency, Bartel Media enthusiastically embraced this challenge. Our goal was to turn Tina Schorn’s vision into reality. This involved developing a comprehensive process for launching “Sams Wildsnacks” in the market, starting with logo development, proceeding with creating an overall concept, and culminating in implementing the digital presence.

Implementation of the project

Logo Development and Brand Identity

Initially, we developed a memorable logo that reflects the naturalness and high quality of the snacks, establishing “Sams Wildsnacks” as a brand.

Creation of a Comprehensive Concept

A comprehensive concept, ranging from product ideation to packaging to marketing, was elaborated to ensure that all aspects of the brand are coherent and purposeful.

Website and Online Shop

Creating a user-friendly website with an integrated online shop was a central part of our process. This enabled customers to easily discover and purchase “Sams Wildsnacks”.

Distribution Concepts

We developed tailored distribution concepts to ensure wide availability of the snacks and effectively reach the target audience.

Social Media Presence and Management

Presence on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram was crucial for brand building and customer engagement. Our team took charge of content creation and management of these channels to build a strong online community around “Sams Wildsnacks”.

The Result

Through the close collaboration between Tina Schorn and Bartel Media, “Sams Wildsnacks” was successfully introduced to the market. The feedback from dog owners has been overwhelmingly positive, and the brand already enjoys a loyal following. The project is a prime example of how a successful product can emerge from a vision with the right team and a thoughtful strategy.


We are proud of what has been achieved and look optimistically towards the future. “Sams Wildsnacks” has the potential to continue growing and making even more dogs and their owners happy. Bartel Media remains a committed partner alongside Tina Schorn and “Sams Wildsnacks”, ready to support the brand on its journey to even greater success.

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