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Daniel Bartel

Hey – I’m Daniel Bartel. I’m a computer scientist, web designer, photographer and filmmaker. The general term for my services is “content creator”. I use the digital possibilities to give my creativity the freedom it needs. As a freelance “digital creative”, I offer creative services to my clients. From the concept to the finished product.

Idea & Concept

As experts in developing creative ideas and concepts, we make full use of digital media, especially social media, to achieve your goals. Together, we develop successful campaigns that move people and stay in their minds. Put your trust in our expertise and let us achieve your goals together.

Creation & Content

Are you looking for innovative ideas that will cause a stir? Then you’ve come to the right place! From image films and social media clips to business cards and websites, we offer you everything you need for a successful digital presence. From the idea to the impact – we provide digital confetti from every angle and support you in realizing your goals.

Digital Media

As digital media experts, we are the professionals for producing creative content for the digital world. In the age of social media and online presences, we know how important it is to be able to demonstrate professional self-communication. With our services, we support you in presenting yourself successfully on the web and using your advertising measures in a targeted manner. Benefit from our many years of experience and let us develop your digital media strategy together. We will support you with all the digital media you need.

Moving Pictures

Moving images such as image videos, product films, recruiting videos, interviews or training videos are indispensable in social media, advertising, employee recruitment and for training purposes. They can be used to successfully convey your own advertising message. They capture the attention of the target group and are immediately memorable. As a digital media agency, we support our clients in the creation of moving images for various areas of application. From social media clips and recruitment videos to video tutorials and digital product presentations – we are your competent partner for all questions relating to moving image advertising. Take advantage of our many years of experience and let us realize your ideas together.

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