Bartel media ist die digital Agentur für den Mittelstand. Social media Agentur für den Mittelstand

Individual brilliance leads to success, united as a team to championship.

Our agency lives and breathes this principle. As a dynamic network of freelancers, we have come together to pool our unique talents and experience. As a team, we unfold our true potential.

Our partnership enables us not only to meet challenges, but to master them. By directly sharing and complementing our skills, we create the extraordinary. We turn every vision into reality.

We understand the importance of each individual contribution and know that our collective success is based on the sum of all individual achievements.

Let us be your partner and achieve extraordinary results together.

Daniel Bartel

Computer scientist, web designer, photographer, moving image creator, graphic designer, social media content designer, project management

Bettina Bartel

Project consultant, coordinator for foundations, companies and celebrities, social media manager, coaching & workshops

Richard Raffel

Motion Design, Art Director, Webdesign, 2D/3D Animation, Printdesign, Social Media Content Design

Simone Knopf

coming soon…