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Lisa Ortgies

Lisa Ortgies is a versatile and experienced moderator, journalist, bestselling author, and podcaster. Additionally, as a speaker, she offers many exciting topics and captivates her audience. She advocates for equality, diversity, and new perspectives, aiming to inspire others to embark on exciting new life models. As a moderator, she has been the face of Frau tv on WDR for over 20 years, bringing interesting topics and insights to the public.

As a bestselling author, Lisa Ortgies writes about relevant subjects such as equality, diversity, aging, and new beginnings.

In her podcasts, she discusses family, relationships, life’s hurdles and dramas, and the dialogue between generations.

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Aurica Zucht

Aurica Zucht is a remarkable personality in the world of sports and healthy nutrition. As a personal trainer, nutritionist, and competitive athlete, she possesses comprehensive knowledge and experience in her fields and enjoys sharing them with others. Additionally, she is involved in the children and youth sector of athletics, passing on her knowledge and enthusiasm for sports and exercise to the younger generation.

As a mother of three children, Aurica Zucht understands the importance of taking care of oneself and one’s health in order to be there for others. She believes that sports and healthy nutrition go hand in hand and positively influence each other. Therefore, she offers seminars, workshops, and training sessions for companies and individuals to support others in bringing their personal combination of sports and nutrition into harmony.

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