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Bettina Bartel

My name is Bettina Bartel. I am a freelance project consultant and coordinator for foundations, companies and celebrities.

As an expert in project management, project control and social media management, I ensure trend-setting concepts and smooth processes.

Idea & Concept

Our motto is: Think first, then act. We develop creative ideas and concepts that leave a lasting impression on people. In doing so, we rely on the power of digital media, especially social media. This enables us to reach and move our target group on an emotional level.


I, Bettina Bartel, have been looking after artists and celebrities since 2018. With a lot of passion, passion and experience, I focus on personal cooperation with my clients. My clients receive comprehensive support, expert advice and confident management.

I am also happy to advise and support you in all business and artistic matters.

Project support

I offer project consulting and coordination for foundations, companies and public figures. I have over 20 years of professional experience in handling and organizing projects for TV productions, commercial enterprises and foundations.

Soziale Medien

I, Bettina Bartel, have been a certified social media manager since 2020. I manage accounts of well-known celebrities such as Dr. Auma Obama and Lisa Ortgies. The focus of my work is on the organic development of your accounts in order to achieve reach and, if necessary, to place advertising. I work with you to develop communication and editorial plans with all relevant topics for your company or you as an individual.

I have been working as a lecturer for social media since 2022. I provide my students with the knowledge they need to work successfully in the world of social media. I have extensive experience in this field and can support them with my in-depth knowledge. My students really appreciate my teaching methods and are grateful for my support and commitment.


Our social media workshops offer a great opportunity for people who want to expand their skills and activities in social networks either privately or professionally. The coaching sessions are led by Bettina Bartel and offer individual training tailored to the personal strengths and goals of the participants. This training will enable you to be more successful and confident on various social media channels.

Whether you are just starting out with social networks or would like to deepen your knowledge in the area of self-marketing, our workshops will support you and provide you with valuable content. If you would like specific workshop topics, please contact us for individual offers.

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